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    The "Train Your Brain" Series of Meditative Soundtracks

    You CAN change your brain patterns and chemistry. A respected Neuroscientist, Dr. Wayne Drevets explains, "In the brain, practice makes permanent." With regular use, these soundtracks are designed to create more inner peace. Using techniques that have been researched at major universities, Dr. Linda Miles, psychotherapist and author for thirty years, leads you through mental exercises for mind and body control that research has shown to effectively lower blood pressure, improve sleep, improve the immune system and reduce stress reactions.

     How do these techniques work?

    Through repetition and practice the structure of the brain can be changed. New neural pathways are formed and the relaxation response becomes stronger. Regular use of these soundtracks will train your brain to enter an "alpha " state of deep relaxation. In this state your mind is more suggestible and positive imagery can replace detrimental programming from the past. Practice can enhance calmness and peace of mind.

    WARNING: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to these recordings. If you have been diagnosed with a major mental illness, consult with your mental health practitioner before using these products.

    Train Your Brain for Health and Wholeness - ($4.99)

    Train Your Brain for Relaxation and Positive Relationships - ($4.99)

    Train Your Brain for a Peaceful Pregnancy and Delivery - ($4.99)


    Downloadable CD's

    Through humor and real life examples from her practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist, Dr. Miles focuses on how to stop blaming and start living. Her recommendations for couples are based on research but she gives a lively and inspiring presentation of principles for a happy and fufilling relationship.

    8 Keys for Better Relationships - ($4.99)

    Amanda Salamander and the Secret of Happily Ever After - (4.99)

    Downloadable Audio Modules (MP3 Audio - $1.99 each)

    33 Keys for Positive Relationships

    Fire of Spirit: Letting Go of the Past Through Forgiveness

    Firetraps In Your Mind: Spiritual Practice for Better Relationships

    Fireworks: Learning to be Strong not Mean

    Happiness Starts with a Spark: Awaken to the World Around You

    Stay Away from the Pizza Oven: How to Avoid the Last Straw in a Relationship

    Ego Eruptions: How to Challenge Self-Imposed Suffering

    Keep Love Glowing: Making Your Relationship Meaningful Instead of Mean

    Rebuilding the Fire: How to Distance Yourself from Destructive Patterns in Relationships

    Past Ignites Present: Change the Movies in Your Mind

    Patterns of Fire: How to Identify Attachment Patterns in Relationships

    Addiction Snuffs Fire: Dealing With Addictions in Relationships

    Friendship Fuels Respect: Writing a Reality Tale for Your Best Relationship

    How to Change Negative Patterns in Your Relationship

    You Attract What You Think About

    Prince Charming: Troll in Disguise

    You Hold the Matches for a Positive or Negative Relationship

    Using Clear Intention to Create Your Ideal Relationship

    Using a Journal to Light Your Path

    Transform Grudges Into Creative Energy

    How to Create Joyful Intimacy

    Healing Your Relationship After an Affair

    Making Meaningful Connections in Your Relationship

    How to Rekindle Love Daily

    More Judgement Less Love

    How to Deal with Intimidation Tactics

    Managing Friction About Children

    How to Manage Flare Ups in Your Relationship

    Changing the Movies in Your Mind

    How to Avoid Keeping Score in Your Relationship

    Family Ghosts and How They Can Haunt Your Relationship

    Love is a Practice

    How to Keep the Fire Burning in Your Relationship

    Financial Fires

    How Two Givers Transform a Relationship

    How to Create Safety in A Relationship

    Dealing With Depression in A Relationship

    How to Accept the Reality of the Present Moment

    How to Still and Calm Yourself

    How to Burn Away Adversity in a Relationship

    How to Shift from Fear to Love in Your Relationship

    Fuel Your Partners Fire

    Heart Burns Letting Go of Pain

    Developing Compassion for Yourself and Others

    How to be Team Players in Your Relationship

    Taking Risk to Create Your Best Relationship

    Learning to Dialog with a Conflict

    Ten Ideas for a Smart Marriage

    Fighting Breast Cancer as a Team

    Alcohol can Flambe' Your Connection

    Nurturing Your Children and Marriage

    Healing the Burns of Divorce