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Dr. Linda Miles


“You were AWESOME!!! No one wanted to leave...especially ME!!! I just hate it that more people weren't there to enjoy you and your message.”

—Mary Barley, Health and Fitness Coordinator,
Leon County Government

“Linda Miles is a professional counselor who provides the most extraordinary and effective relationship help and guidance around. Her insights and advice are timely and can astound even the most self-assured among us. She can improve personal relationships with those we love and offer recommendations, ideas and exercises that are packed with fun, inspiration, hope and practicality. Highly recommended!”

— Paul Krupin

“This was an excellent workshop for seasoned therapists as well as for beginning level therapists and students. The models were presented clearly and with interesting examples, and personal insights from Dr. Miles which engaged all levels of practitioners.”

— Gloria Rotan, PhD

“The workshop was wonderful... Very informative and interesting! It definitely sparked further interest in marriage and couples counseling!”

— Stephanie Grossman, PhD, Candidate, Counseling Psychology

“I found this workshop to be a great learning experience as well as a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

— Kami Harvey, Student in Marriage and Family Therapy

“I was educated and moved by the presentation. Thanks for giving to us of your time and expertise. I look forward to working with the two of you again. ”

— Ronald Hartsfield, MD, Regional Campus Dean

“I saw you speak at the Mothers of Preschoolers group Monday, March 12th in Jacksonville, FL. You were fantastic and I felt very fortunate to see you speak. I'm not sure if it was amazing or a relief to hear other moms with so many questions.”

— Feedback from young Mom

“I attended your lecture yesterday at Healthsouth and just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I enjoyed it. Many times we hear speakers and walk away feeling good or that we learned something. I walked away from your talk feeling great! Not only did I learn something but I felt so in tune with what you were talking about. It was very down to earth, very real. Thank you for taking the time to speak to us and to provide the little film clips. I really enjoyed the whole thing!”

— Liz Sullivan, LPN, CSA

Kirkus Discoveries says of "Friendship on Fire"...

“In this easy-to-read self-help book, relationship therapist Miles offers a treasure map to happy,healthy relationships.Miles refers to a successful romantic relationship as a “friendship on fire” (from the famousunattributed quote), hence the book’s title. According to the author, true love is a compassionate, sensualbond that lasts because you find your soul’s true home with your partner. She believes that the friendshipoffers safety, while the fire provides the sparks, and that the secret is an equal partnership—both partiesare advocates and protectors for one other.

“Throughout the book, Miles provides suggestions and adviceon how readers can recognize their own friendship on fire. Alot of the material here is old-fashionedcommon sense—it often involves not only listening to what the other person says, but putting yourself intheir shoes so you can hear what he or she is getting from you. This premise appears to be based on thebelief that a person needs to understand oneself before he or she can hope to form a cohesive relationshipwith another. Miles also touches on the big stuff, like the death of a child, and the little things, such asbeing ignored at a spouse’s company function, using realistic examples that allow readers to visualizethemselves in each scenario.

“But this is not a book to read straight through. Miles fills each section withhomework for the reader to complete alone or with a partner. For example, she suggests keeping a journal that can either be private or sharedwith a lover. As with any therapy, Miles believes that a successful relationship can only be attained if each participant does the work. Fuel for thought for a loving, lasting relationship.”

“It is rare when one has the privilege to interact with an individual who has dedicated a career of 32 years to the betterment of our families and their precious children. Dr. Linda Miles is this person and I have had the honor of serving with her on Florida’s Commission on Marriage and Family Support Initiatives.”

— Jim Kallinger
Chief Child Advocate for the Governor of Florida

“You will love having Dr. Linda Miles on your show! She does such a good job connecting with your listeners, telling compelling stories to make her point, and offering ideas that listeners can start applying immediately to make their relationships better. Excellent interview – don’t miss out!”

— Kevin & Taylor
WFSH Atlanta

"Linda is a natural and is able to handle difficult questions with sensitivity and intelligence."

— Susan Froemke
Emmy Award Winning HBO Producer, Mayalas Films,
New York City

"Linda was a great guest. Even the hosts took notes."

— Diana Ferrito
Producer, ABC Radio

"Dr. Miles comes across as very knowledgeable and showcases a genuine spirit over the airwaves."

— Rhonda Grussendorf
KDAL Radio

Barrie Switzen was favorably impressed with Dr. Miles and asked her to return to the Manhatten Cable Show for a special on Remarkable Women...

"With her easy going manner Dr. Linda Miles gets to the heart of relationship issues."

— Barrie Switzen
The Woman's Connection®

"Dr. Miles is a brilliant and gifted psychotherapist and author. Her passion for helping others makes this CD effective and inspirational."

— Nancy Long, Regional VP, Arbonne International

"The book (The New Marriage) is friendly, with bite-sized chapters, and many tools and techniques [in] logical, easy-to-understand order. Their advice is sound and helpful, and delivered in an accessible way."

— Writer’s Digest, May 2002

"I have known Drs Linda and Robert Miles for many years in the medical community. The New Marriage is research based, but their material is presented in a user-friendly format. They each have over 25 years experience and a "medical marriage" with Linda as a marriage and family therapist and Robert as a psychiatrist, M.D. Their life together has helped them develop a work that combines literature and science in a uniquely attractive package. It is my pleasure to recommend them and their work to others."

— Terence P. McCoy, M.D.,
President, Florida Medical Association (FMA)

"The New Marriage provides a wonderful, innovative model for helping develop and maintain healthy relationships. Drs. Linda and Robert Miles offer a visionary approach for today's couples. We highly recommend this book and commend the authors..."

— James H. Akin, ACSW, Executive Director, &
Lynn M. Wray, LCSW, Coordinator of Continuing Education,
National Association of Social Workers, Florida Chapter

"This book will prove valuable to anyone who wishes to learn about self and the nature of relationships. Couples involved in therapy will find it a wonderful aid to further and quicken their work. Therapists, too, can learn from it and use it for those with whom they work in therapy."

— Dr. Larry Barlow, President,
Florida Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

"In a field where far too many books talk theory and example, The New Marriage provides immediately useful tips and suggestions to improve your marriage. If you want to get your relationship back on track, read and use this book."

Jeff Herring, MS, LMFT,
Marriage & Family Therapist, Speaker, Columnist;
Author of Keep the Changes! 52 Tools for Successful Living
and Solutions You Can Take Home

"I love watching Linda Miles in the video regarding domestic violence (a Maysles Films production). She is so warm and empathic. It is obvious that you care deeply for others and feel their pain. Although the subject matter was very serious and heart wrenching, you handled it with grace and compassion. Linda came across on television as a good friend. She was "warm and fuzzy," yet very intelligent. In addition, she kept control of the interview while guiding her guests through some very difficult and personal conversations. Well done!"

— Francine Bianco Tax, Host
‘Parenting Matters’, WPGA-AM, Bethehem, PA

"Her presentation was flawless, excellent. A copy of the tape is being sent from Rhode Island to Florida... I'm a bit offbeat, on purpose; but she shined like Cinderella "

— Raymond Dempsey, Producer
KNCL-AM, Christian Connection

"Dr. Linda Miles is a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge on a variety of issues makes interviews compelling, moving and compassionate. Each time Dr. Linda comes on to our news program viewers write in about the interview segment. Her energy about the issues and the important messages create a positive connotation with each topic, allowing viewers to relate and care about the issue."

— Angela Salerno, WCTV, Tallahassee, FL