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Meet the Authors of "The New Marriage"

Marriage and family therapists Linda and Robert Miles offer the answers to your questions, and provide the tools that will empower couples to transform their relationships, move beyond Hollywood-inspired, happily-ever-after fantasies, and learn to create realistic, long-term adult relationships. Professional therapists, Linda and Robert Miles have each worked in the mental health field for over thirty years. Married for more than ten years, they are deeply committed to helping other couples achieve rewarding relationships.

Linda Miles has written many articles about communication skills and relationships.

Robert Miles is employed in private practice and with the Department of Children and Families. He has consulted with numerous agencies, has done administrative and clinical work, and has been co-therapist with with his wife in couples counseling. Click Here for Complete Biography.

"We grow up believing in magic," they say. "Fairy-tales from our childhood are betraying us as adults. The myth is not a sound foundation for our relationships. That is why we have written our book. It has been our life's work. In our book, people will find what they have been looking for, both substance and direction. We present our book as a guide and our gift to other couples."

Their first co-authored book, The New Marriage: Transcending the Happily-Ever-After Myth (published by Cypress House) is a guidebook to help adults achieve transformation in their relationships. "We have both traveled this journey," say the authors. "And, we are still learning how to be good partners for each other.

Couples in today's traditional and non-traditional relationships are trying to succeed at a game where the rules have changed. And, without a map to provide direction, they remain clueless.

These tools provide realistic guides for today's relationships." The authors believe that it is important to have “lived the questions” about how to make a relationship work and share many of their personal experiences in their book.