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The New Marriage Vision

We are alarmed about the current phenomena (and popularity) of what we call "abusive therapy" and advice methods in the media. Beating up on people verbally while giving advice during therapy can be especially dangerous with couples who have domestic abuse issues. Why berate someone who is already down and having life skill difficulties? This model can give an abuser justification for verbal abuse or even fuel potential violence.

"Our goal is to nurture the movement in this country of providing therapy based on telling the truth with love. This is why we wrote The New Marriage, which provides inspiring, real-life examples of how couples can heal their wounds and strengthen their marital ties by looking at their problems with compassion. Only by examining our relationships ‘with soft eyes,' do we evolve as individuals—and better partners."

Linda D. Miles, Ph.D. & Robert Miles, M.D.
Authors of The New Marriage: Transcending
The Happily-Ever-After Myth (Cypress House)