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Through her books and CDs, Dr. Linda Miles offers the answers
and tools to create realistic, long-term adult relationships.

Meet Dr. Linda Miles

Read Instantly! Available on NOOK devices and apps!As a marriage and family therapist for over thirty years, Dr. Linda Miles has lived the questions of how to manage the energies of love on a daily basis. Based on her work and counseling sessions with couples — and her personal experiences — she has prepared a practical and engaging book that shares how it is to live and enjoy good relationships by building it on Friendship on Fire.

Kirkus Discoveries recently reviewed the book saying: "In this easy-to-read self-help book, relationship therapist Miles offers a treasure map to happy, healthy relationships...According to the author, true love is a compassionate, sensual bond that lasts because you find your soul’s true home with your partner. She believes that the friendship offers safety, while the fire provides the sparks, and that the secret is an equal partnership—both parties are advocates and protectors for one other. "

She has appeared on national television, radio and in magazines such as Woman's World, Parents and Entrepreneur. She wrote the award-winning book The New Marriage, Transcending the Happily Ever After Myth with her husband (Dr. Robert Miles) and has recently published All Aboard The Brain Train:Teaching Your Child to Live With Purpose.

Dr. Miles has won numerous professional awards such as "Outstanding Educator in Business and Industry," from Florida State University and "Outstanding Contributions to Knowledge in the Practice of Marriage and Family Therapy" by TAMFT.

She serves in the National Advisory Board of Access Technologies Social Simentor Model for Intervention with Autism and was recently appointed by the President of the Florida Senate to The Florida Commission on Support Initiatives for Marriage and Family.

She is listed in Who's Who Among American Women, (Marquis,1993). Dr. Miles has a passion for helping create a better world through loving relationships.

Dr. Miles at training on Relationships.


Watch Dr. Linda Miles Talk on Professional Identity
for FSU students in Educational Psychology

Dr. Linda Miles was a presenter at a workshop at the Florida State University's Cottingham Colloquium, Oct. 4, 2013, in Tallahassee, FL.  The goal of the Colloquium was to provide an opportunity for collaboration on training, practice, and research to maintain the sense of excellence and leadership in the Psychological and Counseling Services Program that typified the work of Harold F. Cottingham.

See Linda at Better Marriages Conference July 10

What's the Brain Got to Do With It? Practical and Proven Ways to Meld Brain Science Into Your Work with Couples (#006)

This training is designed to help clinicians address the unique challenges of working with couples through the use of demonstrations, theory and applications. The work of Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Sue Johnson will be highlighted as well as the interpersonal neuroscience research of Dr. Dan Siegel.

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Audios and Videos

It is possible to be stress-free and pregnant and Dr. Linda Miles explains how on Family Connections. Dr. Miles explains how a mother’s stress and anxiety can impact her baby up to 50 years later. She also describes how expectant moms and dads can become calm and mindful and improve the health of their baby. Learn how to bond with your baby in the womb, and what kind of books babies love to hear. Dr. Miles will talk about the positive effects of mindfulness before and after babies are born, and how it can help babies cope with anxiety and stress for years to come!


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